Here's Why Your Organization Should Be Exploiting Spiral Binding

Posted on: 6 December 2021


Running a business or organization involves dealing with numerous documents, such as employment agreements, reports, invoices, company bylaws, partnership agreements, and privacy policies. Your team likely uses, mails, revises, and generally handles most of these regularly. That often reduces their lifespan and visual appeal. But you can protect vital documents and boost their impression by securing them using spiral binding. If you want to find out more about spiral binding and reasons to opt for it, you are in the right place.  

What Is Spiral Binding?

Spiral binding, otherwise known as coil binding, refers to a type of binding designed to secure papers by passing a continuous plastic strip or spiral wire through holes punched along one side. This binding solution is also popularly associated with notebooks and books. However, many organizations today use it to bind journals, reports, guides, and manuals.

Why Use Spiral Binding?

Consider using spiral binding for the following reasons:

1.       Convenient folding

One of the outstanding features of spiral-bound books and notebooks is they completely fold back upon themselves. That means spiral binding allows you to open pages and reference easily, even on an overcrowded desk. Therefore, if you often need to lay your hand-held books flat on your desk or workbench, this type of binding is guaranteed to serve you well.

2.       Versatility

When it comes to page counts, spiral bindings are more than outstanding. The reason is this form of binding suits a wide variety of page counts, ranging from high to low page counts. All you need to do is choose a spiral binding option with a diameter that can hold the number of papers you plan to fasten.

3.       Add or remove documents easily

To err is human. Therefore, you should often prepare for unintentional mistakes. Spiral binding helps you achieve that end by allowing for post-binding adjustments. That means, if your team misses a page or adds the wrong page, they can rectify the entire document without any hurdles. The same applies when your organization has new or outdated information that needs to be added or removed from a particular spiral-bound record.

4.       Affordability

Opt for plastic spiral binding when you want to spend a reasonable amount on your document-binding project. The lower cost of spiral binding is why it's a favorite for business owners looking for an economical solution for brochures, cookbooks, promotional diaries or notebooks, and catalogs. Moreover, its affordability doesn't affect other vital aspects like durability.

Need a Spiral Binding Machine?

Using spiral coil spines to bind your documents goes hand in hand with punching suitable closely-spaced holes. And when it comes to this task, only one type of equipment can do a flawless job: a spiral binding machine. These readily available machines are ideal for all organizations that constantly prepare documents that must withstand heavy handling and frequent mailing.

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