Caught in a Terrorist Attack? Lend a Hand to the Security Personnel in These Ways

Posted on: 29 August 2016


Although you hope that you'll never be in a location in which there's a terrorist attack, it's advantageous to know how you should react in case you are. If you've taken the time to learn what to do, you can quickly seek out any anti-terrorist security personnel and offer your assistance. These types of security staffs are commonly deployed at large public gatherings at which terrorism may be a threat; you'll be able to tell who they are because they will take charge in the chaos following the attack. Here are some things that you can learn and use to lend assistance should the need ever arise.

Help People Flee the Area

When there's a terrorist attack, there will typically be mass panic as people run in all directions, possibly disoriented from the attack. Anti-terrorism security forces will be attempting to help people flee in a given direction that has been designated as having a lower risk. Once you've spoken with a security staff member who has relayed this information to you, you can assist in the evacuation. You may need to physically direct people—for example, you might need to grab someone's hand or arm while yelling "Come with me" and running in the designated direction. This approach is occasionally necessary with people who are in shock.

Lead People into Sheltered Areas

In some cases, the anti-terrorist security personnel will direct you to avoid helping people run outside; perhaps there's a threat out there, too. In this case, your priority will be to help people find sheltered areas in which to hide. The security forces may have some recommendations, but generally, you should look for certain types of hiding spots. A room that you choose should be devoid of windows, as the glass could break in a blast and cause injury. Additionally, it's ideal if there are heavy elements inside the room that can be used to barricade the door.

Help with First Aid

It's a good idea to learn first aid for a wide range of reasons, including your ability to help if you're ever caught in a terrorist attack. Security personnel will often be administering first aid to people who are injured, and you can take over to allow the security forces to focus on other elements of their job. Administering first aid isn't for the squeamish; you'll often be tightly tying belts around the limbs of people who have sustained major injuries, but this can help to prevent blood loss and save lives.

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