Tips For Finding Things To Do With Kids In A New City

Posted on: 6 July 2016


If you are planning on going on vacation to a city with your children, you likely don't want them to spend the entire vacation on their computers or phones. You want to get them engaged and having fun because happy kids on vacation are easier to live with than cranky kids on vacation. Here are some tips for finding things for kids to do while visiting a new city.

1. Check the Websites of Newspapers Based in the City That You Will Be Visiting

These newspaper websites are going to be more attuned to local news and are going to be used by organizations putting on events for advertising purposes. They are going to be one of your best, most focused sources of events and other activities that are going to be directly in the city to which you are taking your children. Have your children who are old enough to read and navigate news sites also go on the websites and find some events that they might be interested in. Make sure that you do this at least a few days before you actually leave for the event in case you need to purchase tickets or make any future arrangements.

2. Contact the Local Libraries

Another source of events for kids are the local libraries. The local libraries are going to be able to both provide library-organized activities and give you ideas about other things that you can do with kids. Sometimes they will even have discount passes to museums and other kid-friendly locations that they will be able to give you. Call the library to find out if they have any information and visit their website. Libraries are good places for kids and many groups will often use libraries as a way to advertise. As a bonus, the activities suggested by the library will often be educational.

3. Contact the City

Finally, consider contacting the city to see what kinds of events are going on for children. Many cities like the idea of having kids from other cities come in and participate because it increases the tourism revenue that they receive and improves their overall reputation. Cities will be thrilled to help you find activities to do with your children. Some city zoos have excellent activities happening for children, especially during the summer.

Be sure that you talk to your kids about the types of activities that they are interested in so that you can make this vacation as amazing as possible.