Thinking Outside The Box: Unique Elevator Upgrades Your Hotel Guests Will Love

Posted on: 20 April 2016


If you just acquired the ownership of a posh hotel, you may want to do some upgrading to the establishment to improve the appearance and comfort you offer to your guests. One part of your hotel that most guests will use during their stay is your elevator. Here are some unique ideas you can incorporate into this enclosure to set the mood of your guests' stay from the moment they head to their room.

Add A Spot To Rest

If your hotel has several stories, having a resting area for those who are staying on upper levels will be greatly appreciated. These could be utilized by those with mobility issues, those with children in tow, or those carrying heavy items. Have an elevator company design a bench to be placed in the central section of the elevator for those who wish to rest during the ride to or from their room. This will ensure an even weight distribution, and the bench will be in a convenient place in the elevator so guests do not need to squeeze around others to gain access to seating. Those who wish to stand can do so around the perimeter of the elevator.

Set The Mood With Music

Instead of playing standard instrumental music in your elevator, surprise guests with an array of fun musical choices whenever they get inside the elevator to take a ride. Switching the genre depending on the time of day is a great way to set the tone for the activities the guests will be enjoying in the time to come. 

Start with light pop or country music in the morning to invigorate guests to get out into the area to explore. In the afternoon, switch up the music to a more upbeat dance or light rock as most people will be awake and ready to take on endeavors they wish to enjoy in the city or town. People may find themselves singing along, instantly improving their mood as a result. At night, slow it back down with lighter music once again to help guests relax as they head to their room to slumber.

Add Interesting Wall Decor

Most people feel a bit awkward waiting in a hotel elevator with a bunch of other guests. To ease some of the discomfort one may feel from having to stand next to a stranger in a closed area, add some wall hangings to keep guests busy as they make their way to their room. This can include slogans, flyers with information about hotel activities, a dinner menu for the hotel restaurant, or a mirror or two so guests can check on their appearance. These small distractions will help keep people busy as they wait for their floor.

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