Want To Start A Branch Of Your Business In Brazil? What To Know

Posted on: 30 March 2016


The country of Brazil has had one of the fastest growing economies since the turn of the century, and if you're considering opening some franchise options over there you are making a great business decision. You can put your North American business into the Brazilian market and start expanding your brand.

You have to be smart about transitioning and moving your business, just like if you were expanding in the United States. You'll want to plan a trip to Brazil, so you can get everything situated. Here are a few people you want to hire right away so you can get the business up and running quickly.

Real Estate Experts

To find the best locations for your type of business to be successful, work with a real estate agent that specializes in commercial leasing. You want to be where the consumers and customers are, you want to be in a high income area where you don't have to worry as much about crime, and you want to find exactly what you need in a short amount of time. The agent should be able to find what you need and walk you through several places when you arrive.

Local Recruitment Company

You can work with a recruitment company in the area where the office will be to hire managers and staff for your business, and you can do the final hiring when you spend your time in the country. During the time you are there you will have to get the staff familiar with the space, you will have to go over expectations with your managerial staff, and you'll have to implement your business plan.

Trusted Bank for Conversion Purposes

You will need to find a bank for all of the deposits that are made, and for the money your business makes. The bank can do the conversions for you when you are ready to move the money into your American bank accounts. You will also want to ask the bank if they have a tax professional on staff, so they can help your American accountant figure out what is owed at the end of the year in both countries.

These are just a few of the things that you'll want to do when you get into the country to open your business. The staff you hire can help you with your online and social media marketing, along with other options to expand your business. Get the help of these trusted professionals to start your business quickly and smoothly. 

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