Tracking Employee Productivity With New Software Features

Posted on: 11 December 2015


Time clocks that employees use to punch in and out for the work day are quickly being replaced with more technologically developed forms of time keeping. New software used for modern companies can keep tabs on all kinds of things from arrival and departure times and lunch breaks to monitoring individual productivity. If you want to ensure you're getting the most from your employees' time, take a look at some of the features this new software can offer.

Integrating Computer Log Ins

Instead of punching a time clock, employees can begin their time the moment they log into your company's computer system. When they log off, it records the time they've officially stopped working. This time is automatically tabulated and calculated into a weekly time sheet that goes directly to payroll to process. Using time keeping methods based on logging on and off the system is an accurate way to keep track of time worked. 

Remote Options

More employees are telecommuting than ever before, and tracking their time can be more of a challenge. With software they can install on their home computers that integrates with yours. you can manage when they are working on something from home that's directly related to your business. Just a few simple clicks can register the time team members begin working from home and the moment they stop.

Task Reporting

As a business owner, it's important to determine how much time is being spent on a variety of tasks. New time keeping software can integrate into each individual task that people are working on so you can see what people are d. This allows you to take an accurate snapshot of where employee time is being spent on which important items. It also helps you better determine where your money is going and how much time is being used on each project so you can shift things around if you need to and reassign work as needed.

Billable Time Tracking

For those who bill you for their time by the hour or even the minute, you need software that will accurately measure the time they can charge like expenses and billable hours. A feature designed for billable time will let your contracted employees better assess the time they have spent working on all of the things they can bill you for. As they track this information, it can generate a simple invoice that you can then pay quickly. This feature ensures that your contracted employees are billing you only for the time and money they've spent working for you.

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