Why You Need Commercial Truck Insurance on Your Delivery Vehicles

Posted on: 7 April 2015


Having insurance on your business is a given. Insurance protects you in the event of injury from an employee, product or service failure, and helps protect any contacts that you have with neighboring businesses or even clients. Commercial truck insurance is a protection you need as well if you have work trucks that your employees regularly use for deliveries. Find out why you need commercial truck insurance on the delivery trucks you provide with your business.

General Liability

Commercial truck insurance provides coverage in the event any of your vehicles are in an accident while they are on the road. An accident can be caused by vehicle failure, another driver on the road, or even by your own driver. Liability is included in commercial trucker insurance and ensures that you have the funds and protection you need to cover legal and repair costs in the event of even a minor accident.

Workers Compensation

Many commercial truck insurance premiums include workers compensation in case an employee is injured while moving freight to or from the vehicle, or if they are injured in an accident while driving. This compensation provides the medical care and wages an employee needs until they are able to come back to work again full time.

Cargo Coverage

In addition to having protection for the vehicle itself, commercial truck insurance also protects the cargo you are delivering while it is in transit. If these items are injured in any way that is not your driver's fault, such as straps becoming loose or treacherous roads causing things to spill, your coverage will allow for the replacement of produce and any damages they may cause to other vehicles or property.

Physical Damage Coverage

Finally, commercial truck insurance protects your vehicle in the event it is damaged in any way while being used for business. This can happen if you are hauling freight that spills, or if the vehicle is wrecked in an accident. With commercial truck insurance, you have the additional liabilities you need covered without worrying about being able to pay for everything out of your business's expense allowance.

A business insurance provider can help you get the right commercial truck insurance for your needs based on the type of vehicles you are using, the type of cargo being carried, and how often the vehicles will be used. This insurance helps give you the protection you and your employees need whenever your company's delivery vehicles are in transit.