Moving Long Distance With Your Pets

Posted on: 9 February 2015


True animal lovers know that leaving their pet behind when relocating can be just as difficult as leaving behind a member of the family. Unfortunately, while taking your pet with you when moving across town may be relatively simple, this task can become increasingly difficult the further away you plan on moving. The good news is, all hope is not lost. It is possible to move long distance without leaving your pet behind or causing your pet unnecessary stress. The tips outlined below can help you to accomplish this task.

Get Your Pet Microchipped Prior To Moving Day

Moving day will not only be stressful for you, but for your pet as well. In all the commotion, even the most loyal pet may run off in fear. Having your pet microchipped will help to ensure they are returned to you in the event that they should become lost during the move.

It can take several days or even weeks for the chip company to receive and process your registration information. Therefore, it is always best to have this procedure completed as far in advance as possible. You will also want to contact the chip company to verify they have received your information and that this information is correct before embarking on your journey.

Give Your Pet Time To Adjust To Their Travel Crate

Being secluded in an unfamiliar place for hours at a time can be stressful for even the most laid back animals. In order to help minimize your pet's anxiety and stress, it is always best to give them as much time as possible to adjust to their travel crate prior to moving day.

In order to help your pet adjust, set up the crate inside your home a few weeks before you plan to move. Line the crate with comfortable bedding and use this area as both their bed and feeding area up until the day you move. This will allow your pet to see the crate as a place of comfort rather than a place to be feared.

Eliminate Chewable Materials When Flying With Your Pet

While driving long distance with your pet while a company like Executive Moving Systems handles your belongings may not sound ideal, this is typically the safest option. However, this will not be an option for everyone, especially if you are planning a transatlantic move.

If you absolutely must fly your pets as cargo, be sure to remove all chewable materials from their crate before boarding the plane. This will ensure that they do not choke on anything while you are in the air.