Here's Why You Should Buy 9mm Brass For Your Handgun

Posted on: 25 August 2022


When buying ammo or ammunition casing for a handgun, 9mm brass is one of the options that you might come across. It's a bullet casing made of brass metal, an alloy containing copper and zinc. Creating brass ammo involves critical processes of manufacturing, cupping, different types of draws, trimming, and washes to create perfect ammunition. If you're conflicted about choosing 9mm over other materials, this piece tries to simplify that for you. Below are the benefits of choosing brass as ammo or ammunition casing for your handgun.

Enhanced Functionality and Accuracy 

Accuracy and functionality are critical considerations when choosing the correct ammunition for your 9mm handgun. Brass ammunition and casings allow you to achieve that due to several reasons. They form a tighter seal in the gun's chamber, preventing any form of rattling and additional blowback due to dead space. Instead, it enables the gun to fire more cleanly. A clear shot means less carbon buildup over time, making your handgun safer. Furthermore, fewer blowbacks enable you to focus and get more accurate shots. That makes 9mm brass for sporting at your local gun range or in situations that need firing multiple rounds at the same time.  

They're Cost-effective

If you're a regular visitor to a local shooting range or on your property, or you like going to hunt with your 9mm gun, getting ammunition and maintaining your gun can take a toll on your finances. Using brass presents a cost-effective option. It's a malleable metal, meaning you can easily place it back to shape and reuse it. With such properties, you can take fired 9mm brass casing to an ammunition company, restoring them to good condition. Recycling brass casings significantly reduces your ammunition costs as you won't have to buy new ammo every time you go hunting or for shooting practice.

They're Long-Lasting

Another advantage of 9mm brass ammo and casings is that they can last for long with decay or damaging elements of your gun, such as the barrel, extractor, and ejector. They oxidize slowly, making them more corrosion and rust-resistant. You don't have to take extreme measures such as using protective grease on ammo, which leaves dirty residue on parts of the gun, increasing the chances of malfunctioning. Moreover, manufacturers treat 9mm brass ammunition with high standards by packing them with high-grade primers that minimize malfunction during firing.


9mm brass ammunition is an excellent option for your handgun as it enables better functionality and accuracy, is cost-effective and enhances your gun's lifespan. Consult a reliable 9mm brass dealer today for more information and guidance to buy.