Order A Print Folder Gluer For Your Boxes Today

Posted on: 4 May 2022


If your company makes and ships products throughout the day, you may place your items in die-cut boxes to keep them safe during transit. But if your boxes unravel or loosen up during transit, your products may arrive at the destinations damaged or broken. A print folder gluer can keep your boxes intact during and after shipping. Learn more about print folder gluers and how the device can help you below.

What Are Print Folder Gluers?

Many companies make and use their own boxes to save money on expenses. Although it's a great idea to make your own containers, the boxes you make may not be sturdy or secure enough to protect your products. In this case, you need a way to make boxes that work better for you. You need a print folder gluer.

Print folder gluers are machines that can turn die-cut, or premade, cardboard, plastic, and other paper materials into strong and sturdy containers. The machines can fold and glue your materials all in one unique step. You can even program the machine to produce containers in different sizes and dimensions. 

Gluing machines come in three styles: automated, motorized, and manually-operated. Automated and motorized machines generally don't require you to do anything but monitor them during production. The machines will automatically number and stack the finished products for you as well.

Manually-operated machines do require your assistance to work. You must use a crank to make the boxes you need. If you don't have the time or manpower to spare to operate the machine, it may not be the best option for you. You may also need to number and stack the boxes after the machine creates them. 

No matter which machine you choose for your company, print folder gluers can make it easier to box and ship your products. If you think your company could use a gluer, order a machine today.

How Do You Order Your Gluing Machine?

You can order your print folder gluier online for convenience. An online supplier will need to know more about the boxes your company makes and produces each day. The information helps determine the:

  • type of machine you need
  • size of machine you need
  • cost of the machine you need

After you supply the information you need to order your machine, a supplier will ship or transport the machine to your place of business.

Learn more about print folder gluers and how to order your machine by contacting a supplier today