Want To Avoid An Empty Tank? Use These Propane Delivery And Supply Tips

Posted on: 26 January 2022


Discovering an empty propane tank in the midst of the winter heating season is a nightmare that most homeowners want to avoid. In addition to the discomfort family members and pets would certainly feel without a working furnace, an empty propane tank can also lead to expensive home repair issues in the form of burst pipes and freeze damage to appliances, fixtures, and finishes inside the home. 

Because a residential propane tank can need to be filled more or less often, depending on weather trends, thermostat settings, insulation quality, and other factors, homeowners must learn to be as proactive as possible to ensure that their supply of propane is always sufficient to supply heat or appliance needs in the home. If you use propane for heat or other needs and want to learn how to be proactive about avoiding an empty tank, here are some tips you may find useful. 

Make changes to your current tank situation

If you frequently have concerns about the amount of propane your household has on hand, it may be a sign that your current tank is too small for your needs. Homeowners in this situation should explore their options to either exchange their current propane tank for one that is significantly larger or consider adding a second tank that can easily be switched on, should the first tank become empty. Discussing your concerns about your propane supply and your actual usage with a reputable propane supply company will help you determine which option might be best for your situation. 

Explore tank alarms and auto-fill options

Many propane suppliers now offer features designed to help their customers avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of running out of propane. Tank alarms can be installed that will notify the propane company, homeowner, or both parties if the supply of propane inside the tank falls below a preselected level. Most propane suppliers also offer convenient tank filling options that pre-schedule propane delivery on regular basis. For example, if the driver routinely runs a route near your home one day each month, using the auto-fill option would allow the driver to top off the tank each month when they are in the area, instead of waiting for the tank to empty.

Ensure safe, convenient tank access

In addition to the tips outlined above, homeowners can also help to ensure regular deliveries by taking steps to provide the propane delivery driver with convenient, safe access to the propane tank. Clearing snow and ice, removing fallen branches, freeing up parking spaces and restraining pets are all important ways in which homeowners can help their propane supply company keep their tank full each winter.