Asphalt Paving 101: Signs Of Parking Lot Damage

Posted on: 29 June 2021


A commercial property owner is legally obligated to maintain that property in such a way that it is safe for your employees and customers. Unfortunately, when an asphalt parking lot is left unmaintained or poorly maintained, it can leave you at risk of safety hazards that your business may be liable for. That's why it's important that you recognize the signs that your parking lot needs the attention of a paving contractor. Here are some of the things that you need to inspect your parking lot for so that you can get it the attention that it needs.

Surface Cracks

One of the first signs that you need to hire a paving contractor is the presence of surface cracks in the asphalt. Most often appearing as alligator cracks, or patterns that resemble scales, this type of surface damage is a key indicator that you need to have your parking lot inspected and repaired by a paving contractor.

These cracks are a sign that your parking lot is suffering wear and strain, often caused by things such as high traffic volumes, heavy weight, and other similar issues that can cause damage to the asphalt surface.


Potholes develop on your asphalt parking lots because of structural failure beneath the asphalt. When the support structure under the asphalt starts to erode, you lose the support needed for the asphalt to stay strong and intact. 

Even if you're only seeing one pothole in the parking lot, that means that you're looking at the beginnings of structural failure. As soon as you notice this kind of damage beginning in your parking lot, you should call a paving contractor to remove the existing asphalt and replace it with new material.


Unlike potholes where the asphalt completely falls away and leaves a hole, sinking occurs when your asphalt starts to sink in and leaves sloping portions of the asphalt while the rest remains level. Usually, this happens because the support underneath the asphalt is settling, weakening, or shifting. 

When you start seeing sinking in your asphalt parking lot, you need to talk with a paving contractor right away. The paving contractor will help you assess the reason for the sinking asphalt and restore your parking lot to its original condition.

Damage like these signs should be immediate indications that your parking lot needs to have attention. The sooner you address your parking lot's damage, the easier it will be for you to keep the parking lot in good condition.