What Does A Civil Engineer Do?

Posted on: 12 March 2021


If you are looking for an exciting and innovative career, look no further than civil engineering. Civil engineers create the infrastructure for the world around you in numerous ways. To become a basic civil engineer, you must go to school for 4 years and receive a bachelor's degree. You can also do a few additional years to get your master's degree, allowing you a prime position for job hunting. Depending on your education level and experience, you could make anywhere from $70k to $170k a year as a civil engineer on average. 

The work of a civil engineer is exciting and creative. Here are a few things you may get to work on someday, should you choose this field.


Most people think of roadways when imagining what civil engineers do. Highways, freeways, and city streets are essential for normal life in the United States, and civil engineers organize and set them up. As cities grow, they may need to add additional streets or ways of getting around; This could include reorganizing what has been in place for years. You never know what you will get to work on as a civil engineer. 

Natural Disaster Resistance

Not every building or city was created with potential natural disasters in mind. Fortunately, civil engineers work hard to keep people safe. You could be hired to figure out how to make a large building earthquake-resistant without tearing it down, or you could work to make a city more functional in the wake of a hurricane. People are focusing more on preparation than ever these days, and civil engineers will be key to making that happen. 

Private Projects

Large companies usually have big plans in mind. For example, you could be hired to design a giant roof for a stadium or reimagine the transportation system of a huge theme park. Many companies hire civil engineers to help with the logistics of their businesses, in ways that may not have been invented yet. Civil engineers can find work almost anywhere they look.  

In conclusion, civil engineers are essential to each town and city across the nation and can even find work worldwide. Learning the basics of how to map a city and supply all residents with transportation and clean water is useful wherever you are and is incredibly marketable. Instead of going from job to job, get a career by working to become a civil engineer.