Portable Air Conditioning Installation For The DIYer

Posted on: 20 June 2016


So if you have not broken down and bought central air conditioning yet, there is still the portable air conditioner option. This is an air conditioner that you could move from room to room if you want to, or you could just get a couple of portable air conditioners for the essential comfort zones in your house. Whatever you choose to do with regards to portable air conditioners, here are the air conditioning installation steps you will need to install each unit.

Select a Window for the Unit's Exit Ventilation and Create the Ventilation Port

Portable air conditioners need to vent to the outside, just like window units do. Fortunately, portable A/C units need a much smaller space to use as ventilation than the whole of the space consumed by a window unit. You will also need a circular hole through which your unit can vent.

To accomplish this:

  1. Remove the screen from your window (or push it all the way up if you only have half-screens on your windows).
  2. Then cut a piece of wood to fit within the space left by the window screen.
  3. Next, cut a hole that is slightly smaller than the ventilation hose of your A/C unit.
  4. Finally, secure this piece of wood to the frame of your open window.

Now move to the next steps.

Secure the Ventilation Hose from the Unit to the Hole in the Wood Panel

To secure the A/C unit's ventilation hose to the hole you created in the wood panel, you can either use a lot of duct tape or you can use a staple gun to secure the hose's edges to the wood first and then use duct tape to create a seal around the edges. Just make sure that the ventilation hose is securely attached to this panel and the ventilation hose's opening fits right over the top of the hole in the panel. Turn on the portable A/C unit to make sure there is good air flow through the ventilation hose and the hose does not leak, hiss or fall off the panel and the opening.

Prop and Support the Ventilation Hose

Although you do not need to complete this step, it does help the portable A/C unit function better. If you can find a way to support and prop up the ventilation hose (e.g., a hanging plant hook), then the air conditioner does not have to work quite so hard to dispel hot air and gases. If you need to move the unit across the room and you know you are going to stretch out the ventilation hose, then you can skip this step and just run your unit as you would any air conditioner.

For more information, contact an air conditioning installation company, like Sullivan Super Service.