Ask These Three Questions Before You Rent A Unit At A Storage Facility

Posted on: 14 March 2016


When the possessions that you keep in your home exceed your available storage space, you typically have the option of getting rid of some of your things or looking for a storage solution. The former choice can be emotionally draining and time consuming, while the latter is simple if you have self-storage facilities in your community. If you're evaluating a couple different facilities, it's beneficial to contact a rental agent at each business to discuss monthly rates, available unit features and other questions. Here are three that are valuable for you to ask.

What Type Of Access Do You Provide?

It's one thing to be able to visit the self-storage facility to load things in your unit or retrieve certain items from it during normal business hours, but you'll likely face instances in which you wish to visit the facility when it's not open. Determining the degree of access can help you decide whether the facility will suit your needs. Even when they're not staffed, storage facilities are often accessible to customers 24 hours per day; in some, however, you'll need to swipe an access card to provide a record of your visit. If you do plan on visiting in the nighttime, be prepared to assess how secure you will feel – the facility should be adequately lit and make you feel safe.

What Pest-Prevention Steps Do You Take?

You can't control what other customers at the self-storage facility are placing in their units, which means you don't know if someone next to you is storing food products that could invite pests such as mice or insects. When you ask this question, you want to hear that the facility is routinely visited by pest control professionals to look for signs of infestations and spray accordingly. Additionally, it's ideal to be told that the storage facility has a no-food policy that should ideally dissuade people from storing items that could attract pests.

Do You Offer A Rate Reduction If You Pay In Advance?

If you know that you'll be using your storage unit indefinitely, you might wish to pay an annual bill instead of deal with 12 bills per year. If the latter payment schedule is appealing, ask if the business can provide you with a discount for this up-front payment. Many self-storage businesses offer this perk to their customers, but it's always a good idea to ask to be sure. Contact a business, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, for more information.