Thin Line Decals To Show Emergency Services Support And Appreciation

Posted on: 23 February 2016


All too often, the men and women that put their lives on the line to protect their communities are lost to tragedies. When emergency personnel are lost in the line of duty, they are commemorated and remembered with the use of thin colored line decals. Different colors represent the different services that work to keep the community safe.

Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue line decal is seen much too often. This blue line on a black background decal represents the fine line that officers walk each day separating life and death and the separation of good and evil. When officers are killed in the line of duty, they are recognized and remembered by those who continue to serve and protect by displaying the Thin Blue line.

Thin Red Line

Thin red lines on black backgrounds are referred to as The Thin Red line and is displayed in remembrance of the firefighters who have lost their lives or were injured while working to save others, extinguishing dangerous fires, and performing other heroic tasks. This thin line is referred to as the Thin Red Line of Courage and represents each ounce of courage that the firefighters must use as they work to protect and save life and property.

Thin Silver Line

A thin silver line on a black background is displayed to represent the Correctional Officers who dedicate their lives to maintaining peace in prisons and correctional facilities.

Thin Green Line

A green line on a black background is used to represent the Federal Agents who come together to keep America safe. Border Patrol, Game Wardens, Conservation Personnel and Park Rangers are all represented by the Thin Green line decal.

Thin Yellow Line

The thin yellow line on a black background represents the security guards and loss prevention specialists who serve in every community.

Thin Orange Lines

The thin orange lines on black backgrounds are used to represent the search and rescue professionals who jump into action during the most difficult of times.

Thin White Line

The thin white line is the only decal with a blue background instead of a black one. This decal represents all of the emergency medical services who work so hard to save so many lives each year.

Show the professionals in your community that you appreciate their dedication, hard work and sacrifices by proudly displaying a thin line decal on your car, truck, SUV or even on your home.