Using Labels To Make Your Product More Visible In Stores

Posted on: 28 December 2015


With the approximately over 22 million small businesses in the U.S., getting started in your own business is competitive business. You, along with 52 percent of other small business owners out there, are operating from home and with numbers like that you need to find a way to stand out. Having even the most excellent product does you no good if you do not have proper marketing strategies. One very important aspect of marketing shines through in how you package and label your product.

Even with the advertising opportunities available on social media websites, you are unlikely to be able to add much to the more than $189 billion that was spent on advertising in 2015. So, in order to translate your product into money (the core of every business), you need to ensure that your label stands out on the shelves and makes your product easy to find. 

Color me happy

When designing your label you need to invest some time in determining who your target demographic is. This is important because your choice of colors may depend on this and since up to 90 percent of judgment about a product can e due to color alone, this can have a major impact on your sales. It has been determined that different colors affect human emotions and can even be gender specific. For example, red is thought to stimulate the body while blue is associated with soothing feelings. While there is no hard and fast science associated with this, it is suggested that colors can affect how customers view your product based on the colors in your packaging and labeling

If children are your target market then pure colors in bright, vibrant hues are recommended. However, for adults, you may choose to use darker shades that appeal to men or tones of lighter shades for women. Remember though that it is best to select 2 to 3 color combinations with bright colors for the important information that you want seen immediately and more muted colors for the less important aspects. This creates contrast that will be pleasing to the eye.

The thousand word picture

A picture can say so much and this is even more true in labeling for marketing. The picture that you put on the label should say enough to capture the attention of the customer without being overwhelming, especially since your actual words should be at a minimum since not many people are going to be inclined to read it anyway. Your picture therefore should encapsulate the vision that you have for how useful this product will be for those who will use it.

The picture you choose should connect with your target demographic in a way that is relevant to them and the things that they value. Your label as well as your packaging should also reflect some concern for the environment. It may surprise you to note that up to 52 percent of customers worldwide make purchases in part due to the thought that the product owners care about the environment.

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