Moving A Large Library To Your New Home? Tips To Get It There In One Piece

Posted on: 24 November 2015


Because your library is very large, you should consider hiring a moving company to help move them for you. Below are some things you should look for when you are looking for a moving company.

White Glove Delivery Service

Not all moving companies offer this service, so make sure you ask the company you are speaking to if they do. This is a special service where the moving company offers more than moving and delivery. They will follow any special handling instructions you may have, such as with moving your books, book shelves, and furniture that may be in your library. 

They will set up the bookshelves for you, and if you prefer, unpack your books and place them on the shelves how you want them to be. They will let you take the time to inspect everything to be sure none of your books are damaged in any way. Once you see there are no problems, most moving companies will ask you to sign a form attesting to this fact.

Packing Books

Before the moving company moves your books, they can help you pack them up. They will know the correct weight for the books that you put in each box. They may give you some tips on moving your very old books. For example, you may want to wrap these books individually with bubble wrap or foam.

Put the books in double-boxes. It can be very helpful to mark each box in order so you know which shelves you took them from. Some moving companies have protective carts. These carts are as long as many library bookshelves. Arrange the books on the cart like you want them, marking each cart with the shelf you took the books from.

Moving Furniture

The moving company may pack all furniture, and then set the furniture up when they get to their new location. This could be the chairs and any tables you may have had in your library. This also includes all of the shelves you moved, and many moving companies will also set up brand new shelves if you purchase them.

If you have any books that you will need to put in storage for a long period of time, make sure the facility has temperature control, as the books should be kept cool and dry. If not, the pages could dry out and become brittle, causing them to tear.

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