Two Factors To Consider When Choosing New Office Chairs

Posted on: 25 August 2015


When it comes to your office, a chair is not simply a chair. When you don't choose the appropriate type of seat for your office space, issues with discomfort and decreased productivity are not uncommon. If you're in the market for new office chairs, it's important you know what to look for. Equipping yourself with this information won't just make your shopping experience easier, but it will also ensure you're making a smarter choice.  


In the world of office chairs, some people write-off armrests as an unnecessary upgrade. However, this isn't the case. Armrests aren't just a comfortable addition, but they help maintain productivity. They assist with accomplishing this goal by reducing, or eliminating, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue. When your arms just hang down to the side, this puts a strain on these areas, eventually leading to discomfort.

When you're uncomfortable, you're more likely to rest frequently and work slower, which both decrease productivity. The support that an armrest will provide can eliminate this fatigue and keep your employees working. If you're purchasing chairs for employees that spend the majority of their day at their desk, armrests equipped chairs are a must.


When it comes to casters, the first thing to understand is that all casters are not created the same. Weight restrictions have a significant effect on the function of the casters. Casters are designed with a maximum capacity load per chair and typically, the less expensive the chair, the lower the capacity rating. For example, a chair with 4 casters and an 80 pound per caster rating would be able to support a maximum weight of 320 pounds. Although this weight load sounds high enough, the casters can only support 320 pounds if the weight is evenly distributed.

An average sized adult who frequently sits with most of their weight on one side of the chair will cause significant wear to the casters, eventually causing them to fail. It's smarter to choose casters with weight capacity levels that far exceed the individual's weight. A higher weight capacity will accommodate for any shifts in weight as they move around the chair.

Keeping your team productive and happy begins with providing them with office equipment and tools that enhance productivity and comfort. When you aim to keep these factors at the front of your mind when selecting new office chairs, accomplishing this goal will be easy. From office chairs to other commercial furniture always keep these factors a priority.