3 Important Reasons To Invest In Background Checks Before Hiring

Posted on: 7 May 2015


Running a successful business requires a lot of time and attention, so failing to vet your employees before hiring doesn't make sense. While most people know that checking for a criminal record should be important, few people take the time to realize the many other benefits that a background check can provide.

Here are three very important reasons why you should never overlook a background check when hiring a new employee.

1. Applicants can, and do, lie on their resumes.

The information an applicant enters on their resume is used to determine their suitability for a specified position. But what happens if the information you are using to determine whether or not you should hire an individual is a lie? According to one survey, 58% of hiring managers have caught lies on resumes submitted for consideration.

Conducting a background check will allow you to determine if the candidate you have selected is really qualified to fill an open position within your company.

2. The future of your business depends on the integrity of your employees.

A small business is only as good as its employees, so conducting background checks is essential when hiring new individuals. Statistics show that 30% of business failures are caused by employee theft. These thefts include the taking of cash, business supplies, and even your customers' personal information.

A background check will reveal any prior criminal history that may allude to dishonest behavior. By identifying patterns of dishonest behavior in certain applicants, you can help your business avoid failure due to employee theft.

3. Conducting background checks could save you money in the future.

Ensuring that you hire quality employees is not only beneficial for your company but also essential to the financial viability of your business. When you hire an individual without conducting a background check, it can be difficult to determine how stable their job history has been.

Employee turnover has a significant effect on your company's bottom line, resulting in lowered productivity, overworked employees, and increased training costs. When you take the time to properly vet applicants through a background check before hiring, you increase the chances of retaining employees well into the future.

Investing in background checks on any employees that you hire is a sound business practice. Identifying false information provided on resumes, patterns of dishonest behavior, and applicants who frequently switch jobs will help your business become more successful in the future. For more information, speak with professionals like Background Investigations Inc.