Using A Self-Storage Unit For Clothing: Why You Should Rent One

Posted on: 18 April 2015


Have you run out of closet space for your clothes and don't want to end up with a cluttered home? Investing in a self-storage unit is something you should consider, as it will allow you to accumulate all of the clothes you want. In this article, learn how you can get a lot of use out of a self-storage unit for a monthly fee that is affordable.

What Makes a Self-Storage Unit Useful for Clothing?

One of the aspects of a self-storage unit that you will find useful is that you can rent one in a variety of sizes. You can opt for a unit that is perfect for the clothes that you already have, or can get a bigger one for storing future clothing purchases and your other belongings. You don't have to worry about throwing your clothes in the unit unorganized, as you can hang them on portable racks to make the unit feel more like a closet. You will be able to visit the unit and grab an outfit with ease if you desire to do so.

A storage unit is also useful because it can keep your belongings in a better condition than storing them cluttered in your house. For instance, you can rent a unit that is climate controlled in case any of your belongings must be stored at a certain temperature. Leather clothing is one type of material that will be safer in a climate controlled unit. Excessive heat and natural moisture loss in leather can cause it to get damaged. You can set the temperature at a level that protects your clothes from excessive heat or cold.

What is the Most Affordable Type of Self-Storage Unit?

The most affordable type of self-storage unit is one that is not climate controlled. You can rent the average unit for up to $50 per month if you can make use of one that is only 5x5 feet. However, you are better off with renting a climate controlled unit of an exceptional size if you want to keep your clothes safe for as long as they are stored away. You can rent a 10x20 foot climate controlled unit for an average of $170 plus per month.

Cluttering your home with clothes is not in your best interest because it can attract rodents. Your home will also not look as tidy if there is too much clutter. Invest in a self-storage unit from a company like Diaz Super Storage so you will have all of the space you need!