Eating, Drinking And Being Merry In A Cab: What's OK And What's Not?

Posted on: 26 February 2015


Suppose you'll need to use a taxi service frequently in the upcoming weeks, which is something you're completely unfamiliar with doing. You're not sure you know the proper etiquette for how to act in a taxi, such as whether it's considered OK to eat a sandwich or drink a can of beer. How about bringing your dog along? Do cab drivers generally like to chat with their passengers or not? Here are some answers to these questions:


The best choice is not to eat in the taxi, but sometimes you may feel that it's necessary. At least choose some food that isn't highly aromatic, and be sure not to leave a mess. Be considerate and don't leave bread crumbs or dribbles of barbecue sauce on the seats or the floor. 

Drinking Alcohol

A taxi service may prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages in the cab because your state does not allow it, or simply because it can be a hassle for drivers. Some allow drinking in the back seat as long as it's legal. 


Feel free to engage your driver in friendly conversation. These individuals are in a people-oriented business and tend to be outgoing. However, if your driver doesn't feel like talking, you won't get much of a response; don't take it personally. 

Backseat Driving

Questioning your driver's decisions about which streets he or she chooses, or griping about the drive being too slow, aren't going to solve any problems you have. Be assured that cab drivers typically know their cities very thoroughly, and today's cars have navigation systems as well. In addition, your driver probably doesn't want to break the law, such as speeding through a red light, to get you somewhere on time. 


Taxi drivers don't earn big salaries and they count on tips. Fifteen percent is generally standard. 

Transporting Your Dog

Taxi drivers must allow service dogs in the car, but a cab company may have a policy against transporting other dogs. A company might allow dogs but require the animal to be leashed and muzzled, or to ride in a carrier.

Nevertheless, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many cab companies welcome well-behaved, clean dogs in the back seat. Of course, if your pet has an accident, you should be prepared to clean up after it. 

Ask the Cab Company Beforehand

Your best bet is to give the taxi service a call before you ever need a ride and ask your questions. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Visit to contact a taxi company in your area.