How To Take Your Store Uniforms From Drab To Fab

Posted on: 26 January 2015


Do you work in or own a store in which all of the employees wear the same uniforms day after day? Do these uniforms look old, outdated, and boring? If so, then you and everyone else are probably getting tired of these uniforms. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spice up a dull-looking uniform and make it look chic and fashion-forward for both the men and women alike. Here are a few tips to help you do that while still ensuring that everyone maintains a professional appearance:

Go "Back To School"

If you want a trendy, business-like look that both the men and women in your company will appreciate, then perhaps you should strive for a "back to school" sort of look and model your company's uniforms after what many private schools require their students to wear. For the women, you can have them wear a modest pencil skirt that won't be too revealing or cause harassment issues, coupled with a white blouse and a nice black belt, as well as a long-tie in the company's main color, and then they can add black flats or heels, depending on the sort of environment they are working in. The men can wear nice black or khaki slacks with a dress shirt and belt, and they should also have a long tie in the company's color, and black dress shoes.

Let Your Employees Add Accessories

As long as the accessories that they want to wear don't detract too much from the store uniforms and you can still see the company branding, then you can let your employees add some of their own personal flair to the uniform. For instance, they can add pins to the collars, or they can wear a necklace in conjunction with their uniform. If men want to wear a tie and that is not normally part of the uniform, they can do so as long as the company logo is still readily visible.

Have Theme Days

One way to take your store's uniforms from drab to fab is to let your employees have fun by wearing something different every day. If you create a series of daily themes for them to adhere to each week, then they won't get stuck wearing the same boring uniform, and they may actually enjoy what they have to wear to work. For instance, you could have Sunday be the day where everyone wears their regular store uniform, Monday could be blue day, Tuesday could be "school" day, Wednesday could be red day, etc. If you really want to have fun with it beyond just allowing them to choose certain colors, you can even create a contest for the most creative, yet professional uniform.

Taking your store uniforms from drab to fab is a great way to encourage your employees to take pride in their work and in their looks. Of course, it is important not to go overboard with what you do or what you allow your employees to do, but as long as what is being done looks professional, there really shouldn't be any sort of a problem. If you really want to boost employee morale, then consider trying out one of the ideas above and see where it takes you. Contact professionals, such as those from Trippi's Uniforms Inc, to see how they can best fulfill your needs.